Manos de Calaca Cerveza

Experience the Spirit of Traditional Mexican Beer

Manos de Calaca Cerveceria is dedicated to producing beers true to the rich brewing history of Mexico.

The Spirit of Manos de Calaca

Evoke the Spirits of Ancient Mexican Brewing

Calacas, also known as ancestral spirits in the form of skeleton figures, signify the remembrance of loved ones who have passed on.
It is the 19th century German and Austrian settlers in Mexico who changed the course of Mexican beer and whose spirit we honor in Manos de Calaca cervezas.

Traditional Mexican Cerveza

Handcrafted With Imported Ingredients to Make our Ancestors Proud

Manos de Calacas’ cerveza is a reflection of the product that was produced in the 19th century. New brewing techniques flourished
during the short-rein of Austrian Duke Maximilian I’s Mexican monarchy, but left a lasting legacy of European influence on Mexican beer that we still enjoy today.

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