El Gordo is big, hard to hide, yet shrouded in mythology and urban legend. Some say the style was born in under the astrological sign of Capricorn. Others tell the tale of a drinking duel between a northern knight and a Bavarian brewer. And still others insist this big fat beer is the result of a brewer’s spring-cleaning. We just say, “no temas al gordo.”

Tasting Notes:

Bock beer showcases malt, after all, it is the malt that provides yeast with the sugars from which they make alcohol. Our recipe uses classic German Pils malt blended with the elegance of Vienna malt to present a rich complexity of melanoidens and toasty notes combined with hints of caramel richness. Being malt driven, bock is brewed with low doses of German Noble hops, which are employed only to add balance and natural shelf life stability. Lager yeast is fermented cooler than ale yeast and cold conditioned to impart its clean deceptive crispness. Do not fear El Guladón, it will warm your heart.
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